Promoting Digital Literacy - Utilizing ICT for climate communication and environmental education

laptop. CC0 Public DomainIn the context of the World Symposium on Climate Change Communication, to be held in Manchester, UK, from 22nd-24th February 2016 and whose details can be seen at:, a special session titled "Promoting Digital Literacy - Utilizing ICT for Communication and Education on Climate Change" is now being organized.

Special attention will be paid to ICT solutions benefitting Small Island Developing States (SIDS), but contributions that tackle climate-related issues in the Global South and Global North are possible, too. Linking climate knowledge, development and capacity-building, the aims of the session, which is organized as part of the EDULINK project L3EAP are as follows:


Registration open: online course “Sustainable Energy for SIDS”

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Why are energy access, a secure energy supply and energy efficiency so crucial and at the same time so challenging for Small Island Developing States? The online learning course “Sustainable Energy for SIDS”, a key output of the L3EAP project, gives answers to these questions. The interactive online course is taught in English and runs from 26 July until 11 September 2016.

Participate free of charge and register here:





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4th Newsletter out: Latest activities and upcoming launch of online course

In the final phase of the project, the teams in Fiji, Mauritius and Germany are excited about its upcoming launch at the end of July. Read also about our past local capacity-building events for university staff, energy practitioners and researchers. Finally, we are proud to introduce two new scientific publications that we use to disseminate and promote L3EAP‘s work among academics and practitioners. Happy reading!

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L3EAP Final Event to be held in Fiji - Focus on Access, Security and Efficiency

July, 2016 - Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka, Fiji

Many developments have taken place recently that impact on sustainable energy development in the SIDS There is a need to examine these and evaluate their implications and possible impacts on the livelihoods of the communities in SIDS. CC0 Public DomainCC0 Public DomainThis workshop aims to address this need by bringing together experts from both developed and developing countries at a common venue.
The main aim of this international workshop is to provide a meeting place for all stakeholders within the energy sector of the SIDS to discuss the latest developments that have relevance to sustainable energy in the SIDS and that may determine the direction of future developments.

To obtain a true understanding, one must begin from a global perspective of energy challenges as they affect both developed and developing nations, CC BY 2.0, Author: Patrick Bentley / SolarAid Photos. Title: Christopher, Zambia.CC BY 2.0, Author: Patrick Bentley / SolarAid Photos. Title: Christopher, Zambia.and consider how these issues are being addressed. Thus it is necessary to hear the stories from both developed as well as developing countries. An essential aspect of energy use is sound energy management, and this entails proper energy audits leading to the implementation of appropriate energy management schemes. Such energy management plans are currently being implemented in the Pacific, and it will be of interest to learn of the challenges and successes of such schemes.






L³EAP in a nutshell

The L³EAP project aims to increase the capacity of universities in African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) SIDS to deliver high-quality Lifelong Learning courses on the topics of energy access, security and efficiency.

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