International Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change (ICREC2014)

International Conference on Renewable Energy and Climate Change (ICREC2014)

14 - 18 July 2014, Laucala Bay Campus, Suva, Fiji

Pacific Island Countries face many common challenges, including lack of indigenous fossil fuel supply, their remoteness and the low-lying nature of their island homes. This makes them susceptible to economic challenges such as fuel price shocks as well as extreme weather events, sea level rise, storm surges and ground water pollution caused by climate change.

A primary aim of this conference is to provide a platform for the people of the Pacific to meet, mingle and share with their counterparts from the ACP as well as their development partners their knowledge and experiences and perhaps work out their own strategies for solving their common problems. The ICRECC2014 could also be used as an excellent opportunity for team building and informal forward planning. The wealth of knowledge and experience available at the Conference will be enormous considering the number of participants who would attend and as such we hope you will use this as an opportunity to establish both personal and professional links that are lasting and productive to you all.

Conference Themes

  • Renewable Energy and Climate Change
  • Renewable Energy. Technology and Application
  • Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Development
  • Policy, Economics and Financing
  • Regional, National and Global Projects and Initiatives

Venue: Lower Campus, USP

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