Despite L³EAP project end, results live on

HAW L3EAP Final ReportThe aim of Project L3EAP (10/2014-03/2017) has been to support countries, especially Small Island Developing States (SIDS), where energy access, energy security and and energy efficiency play a central role in achieving socio-economic development goals and reducing energy poverty. With its focus on lifelong learning (LLL), L3EAP offered tailor-made capacity-building on a short-term basis to strengthen local resources and improve skills to better meet the demands of the local energy-related labour markets in island countries. Besides the highly successful specific training courses held in Fiji, Mauritius, Germany and on some other islands, the development of the online learning module provided the other (major) part of the project. This activity required a high input of resources to design, produce and implement this unique learning intervention.

The comprehensive evaluation showed that the online course appears to have matched the demands of the target groups very well, reflecting a high impact of this unique learning intervention. It is recommended to use stand-alone online courses such as the L3EAP online approach in both e-learning and blended learning settings. The course material has been produced as open educational resources, meaning that it is freely available and can be re-used for teaching and practice, in non-commercial as well as in commercial settings. Some universities and higher education initiatives worldwide have already seized this opportunity and are now using the OER in their curricula (to obtain the files, simply contact the project team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Lessons learned from the project suggest that face to face training is an important means to strengthen capacity-building of human resources in EASE, especially in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and the L3EAP workshops offered great learning and networking opportunities with and among energy practitioners. Well-designed online learning approaches such as the L3EAP online course can also be an effective means to impact capacity-building in SIDS and beyond, and they seem well suited to complement capacity-building activities on the ground. Read more about the achievements of the project and its unique two-stream lifelong learning approach in the comprehensive final report. For a shorter read, we recommend to take a look at our final project newsletter.